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Our Cannabis Provider

Ed Schneiders, ARNP, Iowa's leading expert in medical cannabis.  Get your medical cannabis card in Iowa!


Nurse Practitioner

Ed Schneiders, ARNP, graduated from DMACC - Ankeny Campus with his ADN in nursing in 2009.  From 2009 to 2016, Ed worked as an RN in multiple arenas, including pediatric emergency, general emergency, urgent care, psychiatric and substance abuse treatment, and other arenas of patient care.  
In 2016, Ed graduated from Graceland University with his BSN and MSN, passed the AANP boards, and became a board certified nurse practitioner.  Ed worked as a nurse practitioner to help patients in multiple areas, including pediatric emergency, general emergency, and urgent care.  
Ed is a compassionate provider who prides himself above all else on his patient care.  He was driven to nursing and ultimately the nurse practitioner profession by his desire to help heal patients and his community.
Ed is excited to have you be a patient at Green Iowa.

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