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Where Can I Buy Cannabis? What Can I Buy?

A common question in Iowa patients is regarding where they can get cannabis products once they get their medical card and what they are legally allowed to purchase and possess.

In Iowa, in accordance with Iowa law, there are five dispensaries throughout the state. Activists and special interest groups in the state are working to open the law for more dispensaries to better serve the patients of the state, but progress continues to be slow. As for now, the dispensaries in the state are as follows:

Bud & Mary's - Des Moines area - 7239 Apple Valley, Windsor Heights. (515) 410-9100

Bud & Mary's - Sioux City - 5700 Sunnybrook Dr, Sioux City. (712) 203 - 2400

Iowa Cannabis Company - Iowa City - 322 Hwy 1 W, Iowa City. (319) 249-5000

Iowa Cannabis Company - Waterloo - 1955 La Porte Rd, Waterloo. (319) 249-5398

Iowa Cannabis Company - Council Bluffs - 3615 9th Ave, Council Bluffs. (712) 336-8575

It is a common misconception that with an Iowa medical cannabis card, all cannabis products are legal. Unfortunately, Iowa's cannabis laws are not as lenient or progressive as other states' medical cannabis laws.

Even with a medical card, cannabis flower -actual dried cannabis product- is still ILLEGAL. A medical card will not protect a person who possesses cannabis flower from prosecution.

Growing cannabis is often allowed in other states, but is still ILLEGAL in Iowa, regardless of possession of a medical card.

With an Iowa medical cannabis card, patients are only allowed to possess and use products purchased from the Iowa dispensaries in legal forms. Possession of products from other sources remains illegal or at the very least can lead to arrest and prosecution.

The Iowa dispensaries sell products aligned with the Iowa law. The most common products sold at the dispensaries that are legal for card holders are as follows:

Capsules - pill form of THC/CBD that is slower to create effect, but lasts a long period.

Vaporizers - inhalable form of THC/CBD concentrate that is quick to create effect and wears off after a relatively short period.

Tinctures - liquid concentrate that can be absorbed sub-lingually (under the tongue) or by ingestion that can take effect quickly and lasts a significant amount of time, but usually not as long as the capsules.

Patients will often ask about products purchased from neighboring legal states. It is important to understand that even with your medical card, transporting cannabis across state lines is ILLEGAL. Even taking cannabis products from one legal state to another legal state is still a federal crime. Possession of cannabis products that were purchased out of state is still a crime and is at least a risk for arrest and prosecution.

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